Huglo has built an easy to use platform that compares every electricity retailer and every plan available to you. We did this as other comparison websites only compare a fraction of the possible plans. There are more than 54 electricity retailers in the market and this means you need to make sure you get all possible alternatives.

Huglo's end goal is to help consumers navigate their way through a dynamically changing electricity market and make sure you get on the best value plan. This may be a simple as getting on the best plan via Huglo's Electricity Comparison app or adding solar and a battery to your home with Huglo Solar.

To help pay for our costs, Huglo does have commercial arrangements in place with some of the 54 plus retailers in the Australian market. However, unlike alternative websites, Huglo still ranks strictly on price and still compare all publicly available plans (even if they don't pay Huglo a referral fee).

Find the best electricity deal with Huglo here!

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