If you have a Solar PV System installed, to ensure you maximise the value of your investment you need to get on the best value retail electricity plan. It's not always the highest feed-in-tariff that results in this outcome and it can get pretty complicated. Thankfully Huglo has simplified this for you and your get accurate price comparison across the entire market.

Let's go through how best to set this up in the Huglo Comparison Tool in four easy steps.

First, select 'Yes' that you have solar installed.

This is pretty straightforward and it will open up the additional options below.

Second, enter the size of the solar PV system.

This is the maximum power output (in kWp) of your rooftop solar system. It is the rated power output of each panel, multiplied by the number of panels you have installed and should be provided as part of your detailed design. The average size system installed varies, and is currently around 6.6kWp, but was much lower a few years ago.

Pick the direction your Solar System is installed.

This is also known as the azimuth angle and it determines the performance of your Solar PV System. The array energy output will vary depending on the time of day and time of year as the sun's angle in relation to the array changes. Incident sunlight decreases when the sun is near the horizons due to the greater atmospheric air that it must penetrate. This reduces both the light intensity that strikes the array's surface and spectrum of the light.

Huglo has built-in several different alternatives including an east / west configuration.

Finally, enter any advanced settings for your Solar PV System.

This comprises two components losses and the tilt of the installed panels.

Tilt: This is the installed tilt of the panels or slop of your roof in degrees. The optimum is dependent on your location and should be provided as part of your detailed design. the default value used in the Huglo Comparison Tool is 20 degrees, but you can change this as needed.

Losses: Your Solar PV System will suffer generation losses due to degradation, shading, soiling, wiring, and your inverter efficiency. The default value for the sum of these losses is 22%, but you can choose a higher or lower amount due to your particular system.

And that's it! The inputs will provide you with a more accurate reading of a typical estimate year for your rooftop Solar PV System based on your location.

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