Huglo strictly ranks electricity plans on price, meaning we always show the best deal for you given preferences you have selected. On Huglo's results screen you will see a few options that you can select. This will filter the available plans according to what matters to you most.

Only Best Offer per Retailer

Electricity retailers will generally offer more than one plan in your region. By including this preference it will only display the cheapest offer per retailer - making the decision process even easier. Huglo defaults to having this preference active.

Aussie Customer Service

If you select this option, we will filter out any retailers whose customer service team is not 100% located in Australia. If you have a question or a problem with your bill, we know it can sometimes be difficult to get the required customer support. While this option may not avoid this, at least you know you are talking to someone located near you.

Fixed Price Offers

There are a minority of plans offered that provide a fixed price contract term, usually for one year or more. These plans mean the retailer cannot increase the price on you during the contract term. However, remember these may also include a cancellation cost if you decide to move to a new retailer. Most plans offered in the market are 'evergreen' type plans, meaning the retailer can change the price (ensuring they notify you) but there are usually no cancellation fees if you decide to move to a new retailer.

Include EV plans

As electric vehicles become more popular, there are now more retailers offering specific EV plan to help you reduce the cost of your electricity bill. By selecting this, it will allow you to see these plan ranked from the best deal.

All Discounts

This will calculate the maximum discounted price that you could receive. This includes the guaranteed discounts you are entitled to, which are not contingent on you performing to the terms and conditions of the plan. Additionally, these will include contingent discounts which require you to meet the specific requirements of the plan, such as pay on time discounts.

Guaranteed Discounts

This option will only include the guaranteed discounts included in the plans. As explained above, these are not contingent on you meeting further terms and conditions, so will provide a more robust price comparison.

100% Green Power

If you want 100% of your electricity sourced from renewable generation sources, pick this button. This will likely increase the cost of the best value plan as there is usually an additional fee for this, anywhere between 2-5c per kWh. Not all plans have this option and if you select it, the tool will filter out any retailers that don't include this as an option on their plan.

Exclude Exit Fees

This option does what it says, if there are exit fees associated with canceling the plan or moving to a new retailer, we will exclude this plan from your search. It's never nice to be hit with cancellation fees, especially when you are trying to save money by moving to a new retailer.

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